Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just Sayin'

At what point in life does this seem like a good swimsuit option? The bright tropical pattern/colors, the weird ruffle skirt. Bad Idea all around.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Say it isnt So!

Can a girl dream? Is it too good to be true?
Word on the street is, after 8 weeks, the parents have the go ahead to move from my house, back into there house. If you need me I will be walking around my house in my underwear (something I have not done for 8 weeks)
Maybe I will recreate an 80's movie dance sequence (think Footloose meets Flashdance, meets Girls Just Want to Have Fun.) around the house in my underwear in celebration.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Living Alone

One thing I cant seem to get used to, when living with others is the shower temperature. I have been spoiled living alone. I usually have the water temperature right below blistering my skin in the shower and I wake up while standing there for a long time. (always amazing on the hair color) I am not what we call a "morning person". I hate morning and wish I never had to do anything. I just need my alone time in the morning and this fine morning after not sleeping most of the early morning hours. I fell asleep right before I needed to get up for work so I was especially not feeling it. So I drag my lazy carcass to the shower and get it to the perfect conditions and stand there. Then I get the shock of my life. Ice water streaming all over. My mom got in the other shower and had a load of laundry going. Sometimes if you get out of the stream of water it will flip back to normal but not today. I stood there for what felt like eternity and it stayed in the polar ice cap range. Finally I change the temp and had to turn it almost to all the way hot before it even changed. There was no waiting for the conditioner today because I didn't know what the water would bring.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Lately I have been working quite a bit at the salon and there is one thing in common every time. I come in, and there is a couple of clean, dry towels, and there is a stack of used towels in the bin. It takes nano seconds of time to put a load of towels in, or switch them to the dryer but it would seem the full time girls at the salon cant pick this concept up. Nobody is perfect and everyone forgets things once and a while but come on!
Since I am on the salon rant, another thing that drives me nuts is having to do ugly hair. Now I try and give advice on what people should and shouldn't do and they having their own personal choices can choose not to follow it. I just hate when its so far off base that I hate it and want to put a bag over their head and tell them to forget who did their hair.
Example: I used to do this lady at Finnish Touch Day Spa that was from a different country and wanted me to braid her hair in little braids and perm it. After trying to talk her out of this idea for quite a long time and explaining that it would look like straight hair at the roots, then frizzy, then straight at the ends I finally gave in and did it. It was even uglier than I had pictured in my head and after she left that night I was sure she was going to call and complain. I told my manager about it to give a heads up and I was surprised that I never got a complaint. I was even more surprised when she came back to me for the 3 years I worked there.

Magazines in the bathroom

So I was at work today and it just dawned on me that there are magazines in the bathroom. This may sound exciting......stressful day, locking yourself in the bathroom and sneaking articles about your favorite celebrity, but no, the magazines in the work bathroom are Electrical Contractor. I'm pretty sure even electricians find the June issue of Electrical Contractor to be boring and put them right to sleep. Another thing I was wondering is why would you want to spend that kind of time in your work bathroom? Its not what I would think of as appealing and want to pull a foot rest and a magazine out to spend some time. Its where all of everybody gets to go, to go.

So my question is now: Where is my US Weekly, People or Tiger Beat?