Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Lately I have been working quite a bit at the salon and there is one thing in common every time. I come in, and there is a couple of clean, dry towels, and there is a stack of used towels in the bin. It takes nano seconds of time to put a load of towels in, or switch them to the dryer but it would seem the full time girls at the salon cant pick this concept up. Nobody is perfect and everyone forgets things once and a while but come on!
Since I am on the salon rant, another thing that drives me nuts is having to do ugly hair. Now I try and give advice on what people should and shouldn't do and they having their own personal choices can choose not to follow it. I just hate when its so far off base that I hate it and want to put a bag over their head and tell them to forget who did their hair.
Example: I used to do this lady at Finnish Touch Day Spa that was from a different country and wanted me to braid her hair in little braids and perm it. After trying to talk her out of this idea for quite a long time and explaining that it would look like straight hair at the roots, then frizzy, then straight at the ends I finally gave in and did it. It was even uglier than I had pictured in my head and after she left that night I was sure she was going to call and complain. I told my manager about it to give a heads up and I was surprised that I never got a complaint. I was even more surprised when she came back to me for the 3 years I worked there.

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  1. WORD! Our minds are like one. As I was doing a flat top the other day I had anguish. It sucked! and he had decent hair too. Another example... lady comes in with long gorgeous hair but she also had short "pilgram/rainbow brite" bangs so I suggest that she grow them out to look a little more modern. Nope, she made me trim them AND style them Kira!
    Anything to do with laundry, (except smelling the yummy laundry products) I dislike intensely but if I must do laundry; TOWELS and SOCKS are on my "fine, i'll do it" list. Maybe it's the warmness of the towels or working on my sorting skills with the socks.