Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Living Alone

One thing I cant seem to get used to, when living with others is the shower temperature. I have been spoiled living alone. I usually have the water temperature right below blistering my skin in the shower and I wake up while standing there for a long time. (always amazing on the hair color) I am not what we call a "morning person". I hate morning and wish I never had to do anything. I just need my alone time in the morning and this fine morning after not sleeping most of the early morning hours. I fell asleep right before I needed to get up for work so I was especially not feeling it. So I drag my lazy carcass to the shower and get it to the perfect conditions and stand there. Then I get the shock of my life. Ice water streaming all over. My mom got in the other shower and had a load of laundry going. Sometimes if you get out of the stream of water it will flip back to normal but not today. I stood there for what felt like eternity and it stayed in the polar ice cap range. Finally I change the temp and had to turn it almost to all the way hot before it even changed. There was no waiting for the conditioner today because I didn't know what the water would bring.

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