Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Distraction Squared

Today I got my final parting gift from New York, a nice head cold. I worked today, and then went and did hair and all I wanted to do was eat dinner and crawl into bed. I ate dinner and made my way upstairs for 4 minutes and my doorbell rings. Nobody comes to my door unexpectedly so I was slightly on guard. I called through my intercom to the front door and nobody answered the two times I asked who it was. Toby of course, was all anxious and wouldn't keep up appearances that I wasn't home, so I headed for the door. Then the doorbell rings 3 times in a row and there is knocking. I knew exactly who it was. My Allee. I was right. My mom needed me to scan some pictures for her (since I borrowed her scanner eon's ago and haven't returned it) so Allee brought it over to my house and was going to just drop them off. Skip to 3.5 hours later, Allee leaves....or so I think. I don't know how the two of us together hold a conversation but it will fill three and a half hours of babble. She finally leaves and I thought I would let Toby go to the bathroom out in the "front" yard. She was still in the driveway so I knocked on the window and she couldn't find her iPod. She was digging through her ginormous purse with 3 million things you don't need to carry around with you, and I had flashbacks of myself in New York digging through my purse and losing everything in there. I compare both of us to when someone jingles their keys in front of you so they can do something else or says "Look over there" and steals something. We are the poor distracted ones who fall for this nonsense. Anyway, Allee leaves and I call her and say I have a new nickname for us, its distraction squared. She started laughing and we both know its totally fitting.

Peas in a pod.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I appreciate the space I have here.

So I got back from New York last night and today I went to Walmart for groceries. This is usually my aggravation high point in my week (due to idiots roaming the isles) but today I felt like I could cartwheel through the isles. Yay for space. We went shopping on 34th street right off the yellow train while Heather was at work, and it sucked my passion for shopping right out of me. There were people everywhere and I was constantly in somebody's way.
I will post about the trip tonight, just havent had the time or the internet connection yet.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Alarm Clock

This morning I was busy disarming a bomb, which was incredibly important because I was an international spy. Every time I was about to cut the wrong wire, a beeping would occur (almost like that game Operation) and I would choose a different wire. Apparently this went on for 35 minutes because my alarm clock was sent to go off at 7 and I didn't wake up until 7:35. I was highly annoyed at this persistent beeping, but not enough to actually wake me. This is pretty amazing for the following reasons: I have major sleeping problems and b) I, in no way, resemble a spy in any area of my life. It could be attributed to the 4 hours I was awake from about 2 am to 6 am. So in a fashion I hate (being rushed in the morning) I took a lightening speed shower, got dressed, and made some toast for the road. I actually was on time to work and I was wearing no makeup. Scaring the local talent basically. Tonight I would like to be an acrobat or a serial killer.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Because I put some hard work into 25 random things

I got a request from many on facebook about 25 random things about yourself. I actually had a hard time thinking of 25 things that would be interesting enough to post on there. Since this was such hard work, I thought I would add it to the blog as well. Two for the price of one.

1. In high school my friends and I would do "RaceTrack". This consisted of a Ford Taurus full of girls Starting in back of what was, at the time, Frontier Pies flooring it while we passed Gart Sports and adjoining shops and behind Shopco there was a huge drop (so it was like a hill). The feeling of being airborne is quite exhilarating. This happened over and over until Erin's mom realized she no longer owned a muffler that was attached to said Taurus. All good things must come to an end.

2. In the same Taurus we would also go "Four wheeling". It consisted of speeding through open fields. This ended when Erin's dad asked why there were weeds stuck to the under carriage of the car.

3. I have two adorable neices....The Grunter and Terradactyl. They were born a week apart.

4. I make sock puppets resembling people I know.

5. I joined Scrapbook club. The first rule about Scrapbook Club is you don't talk about Scrapbook Club. The second rule about Scrapbook Club is you don't talk about Scrapbook club.
I have already said too much.

6. I think the Access of Evil has some different components. Some of them include: anyone else's toenail or fingernail clippings or bodily fluids, paying too much for anything, sleeping problems, putting away laundry, grocery shopping, the landscape of Southern Utah, doughnuts (only because I love them and dont want to) and Im sure there is many more, just cant recall right now.

7. I am currently obsessed with the Tetris application on here.

8. I am going to New York to visit the dragon a week from today. I am so excited I can barely function.

9. My dog joins me almost everywhere. We do take breaks from each other when I am doing hair, and when I am going somewhere that doesn't allow dogs such as 7-11 and Costco.

10. I have had 28 jobs. One for every year I have been alive.

11. I grew up in a pack of boys.

12. My sister just realized I am funny.

13. I try and grow my hair out on a regular basis, start to look like a soccer mom, and cut it. In my world there is a certain level of sass that comes with short hair.

14. I worked on a cruise ship for a short stint of time, hated every second of it and came home early.

15. I have to fight the Shy in me everyday, until I become nervous or comfortable, then say too much, like my edit button breaks. I do tend to be blunt, which I embrace in myself.

16. I love TV but cant just sit and watch it. I have to be doing something else.

17. I give everybody nicknames.

18. I lived in Long Beach for 2 years as a child, and the only thing I can remember about this was the stairs at our apartment were hard, and I dropped my piggy bank on them, and it broke and I was upset. I also remember coming home, I was with my Grandpa in a little red Datsun truck, and I remember seeing the dessert case in some restaurant we stopped in, and it was round and would rotate all these pies and cakes. I also remember seeing mountains and being fascinated.

19. My Grandma used to take me and my cousins to swim in Utah Lake. It was such a thrill at the time and now I wonder why I haven't grown an extra limb or something. I did like that I could walk as far as I could see and never have it get too deep. The gross slimy sludge at the bottom was not a like.

20. I have seen a cow get slaughtered, hung upside down to be drained and a chicken get its neck broken, which was actually pretty traumatic cause then the headless chicken chased me around the yard, which I did not like at all.

21. I have had a criminal arrested mid haircut. Cops came in, asked me to step away from him, and arrested him. They were hauling him out, and I had to run and ask for my cape back.

22. I have an amazing family.

23. I have discovered I don't like musicals. Give me a play any day but just don't sing.

24. The Dragon and I have lived in 4 different places together.

25. I have a hard time thinking of 25 things about myself.

Monday, February 9, 2009

two quotes

So I was being a little bit silly at dinner on friday and there was a guy who looked like a modern day Hitler. Like he had some nice adidas sweats on but then there is a little hitler mustache he is trying to pass off as normal and no big deal. I had to point it out to the ladies I was out to dinner we were dining with and it just so happens they thought I was right.

After the movie we went to (which was specitacular by the way) Teri and I walked out to her car and i was putting my gloves on and i noticed they had a hole in them. I was qutie upset about this because they were new. then I said well they were on sale. THen i said who buys fingerless gloves for 20 dollars........
Then there was a slight quitet lul in the conversation.
Then we both realized I would buy a pair of fingerless gloves for 20

Monday, February 2, 2009


Miss Stacie Peterson tagged me, so I thought I would pass it along.

8 Favorite T.V. shows:
-Any Crime Show (CSI, Law and Order, Forensic Files, 48 hours, Snapped)
-Project Runway
-The Office
-The Soup
-Chelsea Lately
-John and Kate Plus 8
-Rock of Love, Whore Bus
-America's Next Top Model
-Burn Notice
8 favorite Restaurants:
-Cafe Rio
-Village Baker
-Noodles and Co
-Cheescake Factory
-Paradise Bakery

8 things that happened yesterday:

The Grunter's Baby blessing
Made Sock Puppets
Made Baby Bows
Wrestled a wild boar
Watched TV
Saw the family
Did laundry
Put off putting laundry away (I hate it with the firey passion of the sun)

8 things I look forward to:
-NYC in 17 Days....but who is counting
-paying off my car
-dropping some LBS
-babysitting the Grunter
-scrapbooking club
-wrestling a wild boar
8 Favorite ways to spend my free time:
-Watching TV
-teasing Toby
-Going out with friends
-wrestling a wild boar
8 things I love about Spring:
-Trees with leaves
-Toby hanging with the hood dogs
-loving having it in my step
-my car stays clean longer
-cleaning out the garage so I can go out there barefoot and it isnt ick
-wrestling wild boars
8 things on my wish list:
-Lottery Winnings
-The Dragon to move back
-To have some rug rats
-to have someone put away my laundry
-lose some lbs
-that Bret Micheals never finds love, so I can have good trash TV
-my love for sushi to come back (threw it up once, its never been the same)
- never ending shoes
8 people I am tagging:
-Whitney S
-the wild boar.....I have a bone to pick with you