Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Grandmother Is amazing.

Something that will make anyone completely happy is my sassy Grandma. You always know she will give it to you straight and that's what makes everybody love her. Last week I was doing her perm and I told her I went out with Whitney to see Jeremy play and his club was having a Halloween costume contest. I had an amazing thrown-together-in-15-minutes costume from last year so I decided to go. I ended up winning the contest and was telling my Grandma about it. The award winning costume (haha) was the Bride of Frankenstein and I was telling her how I made it and did my makeup. Then I mentioned I used black liquid eyeliner for the stitches around my neck and I laughed how, by the end of the night, my double chin had smeared it. She simply stated "Oh yes, you have always had that double chin." Funny thing is, she is right but I still won 50 dollars so I win.
P.S. I was taking pictures, so this is the only one I have of me....but Whit and I are ADORABLE if I must say so.

Elevators are awkward

When you get on an elevator and someone else is on there, its always sort of a panic situation. You are trapped with a complete stranger and do you acknowledge them or pretend they aren't there? Do you make forced conversation or remain in the still and quiet as the floors pass?

The reason I bring this up is my friend had an emergency surgery and I went to the hospital to visit her. I went to get on the elevator and there was a guy in there (who I would estimate to be in his 60's) and he asked me what floor I needed. This isn't uncommon behavior but after I told him 10 he said "Oh this will be a short date?" I have to admit this threw me off.....I laughed and said "Yeah we are only together for 5 floors" Then his floor came up and he got out and as the doors were shutting he said "I will miss you". That actually made me laugh pretty hard. I say bravo to this kind fellow for making the awkward elevator situation a funny joke but if this dude had been younger I would have been totally creeped out.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A blog about a song.

So I was minding my own business driving home with the iPod on shuffle and a song came on I totally forgot about and Im pretty sure it is my favorite song of all time. I can distinctly remember the first time I heard it, and the weekend following it. The song was New Noise by Refused. (the whole cd is amazing.)

Rewind to 10 years ago, I had just moved out with my friends and we were going to visit my other friend Erin at the salon she worked at in Sugarhouse. In the car it was me, Heather, Bekah and this dude Jake. (I cant recall his last name but can recall the nickname we gave him.) He put in a cd and instantly I was struck with how amazing it was, and seriously got the chills. He was doing his boy dancing/air drum playing in the front seat. I don't remember any other details of that night but I remember that song.

The next memory was the following weekend. I had Saturday's off and so did Heather. She had parked behind Bekah but wasn't at home, and Bekah needed to get to work. She gave me the keys to her car and she took mine. At the time I had a lame Nissan Sentra...basic soccer mom-mobile and she had a cute VW convertible. So after I woke up and got ready I went to drive around in the way cooler car. (No big deal) I went to Graywhale and bought the cd with THE song. It was a nice day and I got to rock out with the wind in my hair. Aaah to be young and silly again.

Now I know this definitely isnt everyone's cup of tea, but it is totally mine! I dislike (with the firey passion of the sun) slow music and there is something enchanting about a dude who can scream like that.

I thought I would write that down before I forget due to old age (hello last year of my 20's!) or just all round forgetting everything.