Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Grandmother Is amazing.

Something that will make anyone completely happy is my sassy Grandma. You always know she will give it to you straight and that's what makes everybody love her. Last week I was doing her perm and I told her I went out with Whitney to see Jeremy play and his club was having a Halloween costume contest. I had an amazing thrown-together-in-15-minutes costume from last year so I decided to go. I ended up winning the contest and was telling my Grandma about it. The award winning costume (haha) was the Bride of Frankenstein and I was telling her how I made it and did my makeup. Then I mentioned I used black liquid eyeliner for the stitches around my neck and I laughed how, by the end of the night, my double chin had smeared it. She simply stated "Oh yes, you have always had that double chin." Funny thing is, she is right but I still won 50 dollars so I win.
P.S. I was taking pictures, so this is the only one I have of me....but Whit and I are ADORABLE if I must say so.


  1. You guys look great! Good job on winning the contest. Fifty bucks! That's awesome!! Good ole' Grandma, you can always count on her to tell you how it is. Although, I don't think you have a double chin.