Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Elevators are awkward

When you get on an elevator and someone else is on there, its always sort of a panic situation. You are trapped with a complete stranger and do you acknowledge them or pretend they aren't there? Do you make forced conversation or remain in the still and quiet as the floors pass?

The reason I bring this up is my friend had an emergency surgery and I went to the hospital to visit her. I went to get on the elevator and there was a guy in there (who I would estimate to be in his 60's) and he asked me what floor I needed. This isn't uncommon behavior but after I told him 10 he said "Oh this will be a short date?" I have to admit this threw me off.....I laughed and said "Yeah we are only together for 5 floors" Then his floor came up and he got out and as the doors were shutting he said "I will miss you". That actually made me laugh pretty hard. I say bravo to this kind fellow for making the awkward elevator situation a funny joke but if this dude had been younger I would have been totally creeped out.

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