Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Most amazing chat. i have a great white shark tattoo did you know that? no where my thigh goes from above my knee to right below my bum haha woah thats serious business it's almost finished... and then i will get a buddy to keep him company on the other side of the same leg yeah it rules hammerhead? it will be omazing get a hammerhead haha nope eff another great white probably and maybe with some surfer legs sticking out of its mouth well my vote would be a hammerhead ha hammerhead = least favorite shark pssh electric eel? nope another bad ass great white haha kira it's already been decided lol get the crocodile hunter and a sting ray and electric bolts hahaha LMAO hahaha see isn't this cheering you up even slightly? yes actually hehehehe

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