Friday, May 22, 2009

Kathy is Krazy!

So I am spending the weekend up with my family at the cabin, and my funny aunt Kathy has been talking about Farm Town on Facebook. I had never heard about this but this is serious business. She was desperate to get her computer out to harvest her crops she planted last night. She has been talking about this computer game like its life and death. I guess she even has her daughter harvest her crops if she cant get to them in time. Then she tells me that she actually said how she has talked to childhood friends on her farm for 20 minutes. Im so glad Im not into video games so I dont have to re-arrange my life to harvest my crops.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My dog hates my guts and I am 28 and living with my parents.

So two weeks ago yesterday my parents were awakened by the smell of electrical fire in their house....long story short, their house was on fire and has been deemed unlivable by the powers that be. (I know this because of the two giant signs on the front door.) I went over there the morning the fire was put out to help my parents gather clothing and dogs and whatever else they would need to live for a while. They were insisting on staying at a extended stay hotel. I loaded the car up with my moms clothes, and we drove in a caravan over there. My mom went in and got the key to the room and we started taking a load up. We enter this fine establishment and it stuck of dirty and smokers. It was just like a Motel 6 I once stayed in except it had a fridge, and I again offered to have them come live with me. My mom went down to my dad who was getting another load and said "Kira offered again to come stay with her" and my dad said "In about a week that's gonna sound pretty good." Then my mom said "Wanna go now?" and there it was decided, this 28 year old was living with her parents....again.

It was actually nice when Heather was here to have them help us and have them here. Heather is like a sister from another mister so she is one of the family. Now she has been gone a few days and its just us. I don't think this would be as bad but I work for my dad. This is actually the hardest job I have ever had. I know some people go work for their parents for a free ride, but that is not the case in my family. My Dad knows he can be his true self and actually expects more because you are related. This is ok, when I can go home and get away, but the last few days we have been a little snippy with each other. I think because I am part Office Manager part slave at work, he thinks this is going to spill into our now living situation. I have definately let it be known, this is not the case. Please know I love my parents and would never want them anywhere else, and one day we will laugh about how silly we are with each other, but it might be a little while before that happens. (Or I could go to jail for murder)

Funny thing happened at dinner tonight. I did my Grandma's perm and I knew the Salt Lake Dine Around is ending soon so I said we should all go out. It ended up being Jeremy, Whitney, and Grunter, My Mom, Dad and Grandma and of course me! We went to Bambara and had a great time. Since its downtown we all had our cars valet-ed? (is that a word) Anyway, so we were going to leave and my parents got their car before I did, so they were getting in and my Mom says "Bye Kira, see you tomorrow." I kind of paused and said......"Ummm.. you not going home tonight?" We both had a good laugh and I said I will see you after I drop Grandma off. (On a side note I did a new perm on my grandma's hair and it has a Green tint to make sure you get it everywhere you need to, see attached photo. She did point out that green is her favorite color and I offered to make it a permanent thing but sadly she didnt want to stand out in church - really that was the reason she gave me. Not the fact that her little bushy fluffy hair, if turned green, would look like someone's hedges)

Another thing about having my parents live with me, my dog absolutely adores my dad. I would like to believe its because he feeds him human food and he isnt supposed to but I know Toby just loves my dad. So at night I have to force my dog to come sleep with me. Kira is a sad dog mom. He has been my best cuddler for 3 years, my dad moves in for a few days and he tries to hide from me so he can stay with Grandpa. I will make him love me, weather he wants to or not! haha.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Help send Toby to college

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rants of Pants!

Why is it that they don't make jeans for the ladies that don't show off major butt crack? This is not a good look on ANYONE. Skinny, fat, old, young plumbers crack is never acceptable. I have bought a few pairs of jeans the last few months (due to not fitting into any of the "goal" jeans I own) and they all have one thing in common.....a few sits and BAM there is my bum. I know everyone in my life is used to this by now but I will not accept butt! There are not enough long shirts in the world for me to cover where my jeans should be. I think I will bring back the mom/school teacher jeans that look like they are engulfing the bottom half of your body. Jeans that can touch your bra are probably not gonna show butt crack right? (PS that is not my bum)