Monday, July 27, 2009


So I have a confession. I may have a serious reality TV. I am not sure if this is an added perk to the Kira package or if its something that happens to come with Kira that you just have to deal with. Either way, saying out loud I have an addiction to said TV shows makes it all ok. So twice today I have had the results of reality dating shows revealed to me in the middle of watching the finale. Yes its called DVR people, not everyone watches in real time.
The first show ruined by others was Daisy of Love. Yes this may be more trash than TV but either way I watch. Signed into Facebook mid-watch and it was a status update on someones page. Yes I could finish out the day with this knowledge, because really it didn't matter all that much to me. (Yes she made a choice of someone on her reading level.)
So I have had the Bachelorette ruined for me a couple of times by people talking about it before I watched it so tonight I let it record ahead so I wouldnt have to watch commercials. This was even mentioned to my mom today, saying I have to watch it before I can sign into facebook or watch other TV because it keeps getting ruined. I was mid way through and my lovely friend Jana sent me a text message asking if I was watching it. I replied back Yes I was, but dont tell me because I was behind. She mis-read this and texted back, She chose Ed. BAHHHHHHHH! Then I called her an A-hole (may not be my proudest moment but maybe a bit justified- haha) Then she responded that Reid came back and proposed as well and she said no.

Why!!!!! I dont have much in the dating or reality worlds going on in my life, so I watch silly TV shows and they get ruined. I may not be ok the rest of the summer.
Or I may be over it in 10 minutes. I hope for the 2nd but there are no guarentees.

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  1. You are hysterical. Thanks for making my followers block even! I hate it when things are uneven and don't match! haha