Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sketchy Tattoo Shop Situation

So I thought I would write a little post about the Sketchy Tattoo Shop Situation I was in yesterday (in case you didn't get that from the title I thought I would re-write that for good measure). I bought a new phone off of eBay probably about a month ago and it was supposed to be unlocked. It wasn't and I have been battling it out with the turd who sold it to me ever since. Since I already paid for an unlocked phone I really didn't want to pay again but my phone was on its last leg (maybe even its last baby toe, that's the weird one with the somewhat strange little toenail) So I looked on and found someone who would do it for 15 dollars. I called him when I got off work and he said he was at work and gave me the address. It was close to the salon I work at so I headed down, all excited to finally be able to use the phone. I got there and it was a very shady tattoo shop with bars on the windows and was in the Utah version of Spanish Harlem. Close to the Salon, yet worlds away. This probably should have deterred me but again I was on the baby toe of my last phone. I walked in and 3 strapping Spanish dudes and an older one who looks like he hasn't weathered the storm very well were all just staring at me. This went on for seriously 20 seconds without a word said. Now I don't get freaked out very easy but this was very intimidating. I finally asked if Anthony was there and he popped his head around the corner and said hi. So I gave him my phone and he said it would take about 35 minutes to unlock. I definitely didn't want to leave my phone there for that long, and yet I didn't want to stay either. I sat down on the bench and started texting people about the situation I was in now and was hoping if my dead body showed up on the side of the freeway they would know where to look. Then the weathered dude started talking to me. Any time he wanted my attention he said "Girl" and I was to answer. We talked about tattoo politics and he was actually very chatty and friendly. He was giving these 2 young dudes their first tattoos. Finally Anthony came back and asked for my sim card. I now was thinking the text messages were a mistake because now he would be making it all work and if someone replies back about my text they would all know I was talking crap. Again I heard "Girl" and talked to the leather looking one. Finally after about 40 minutes Anthony came back and showed me all of the features he installed and how to use them and was very helpful. Long story short....Don't judge a book by its cover, and when answering internet ads, take a friend well versed in Kung Fu Karate Chops and kicks with a keeeyyyyah kahhhh!