Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One of those moments

Ever had one of those moments where your mouth keeps moving and your brain screams shut up, shut up, you sound lame. My life is a collection of these moments strung together with some other boring crap in between. Tonight at Scrapbook Club we were talking about our favorite TV shows (that whole sentence is on the lame side) and I brought up the Good Wife. I have been very into this show since the beginning. Brandie (scrapbook hostess extraordinaire!) said that she thought it was weird Pee Wee Herman was playing Eli Gould. I get all into this conversation because I am a Pee Wee Fan. I have discovered that should be something I probably shouldn't share with everyone. I was getting a little feisty about how Gould was not played by Pee Wee. Brandie said that it looks just like him. I was again a bit feisty about this and said they look nothing alike. Then I have to offer up the fact that I would have known if he was doing that show because I am a fan on Facebook and I get updates on his goings ons. (again brain screaming SHUT UP, SHUT UP) I never listen to my brain because it takes too long to process anything that my mouth is saying and it just comes out.

This is where I say "I embrace me for the amazing things that pop out of my mouth and will continue doing this, whether I want to or not.
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