Thursday, January 7, 2010

Old Lady Dancin'

So I did something unheard of last night. I went dancing, and on a weeknight as well....breaking all kinds of old lady rules!
It was my brother Jeremy's 25th birthday and he was having a dinner and a night dedicated to him at Skybar. This was my first encounter with the Skybar and I will have to say, the food is totally over rated and over priced but the view was cool. My friend Erin and her boyfriend Kris came as well as a bunch of Jeremy's friends and Whit. One of my brother's friends Danielle came in and was like "Oh Hey Allee." I was like "Hi Danielle, its Kira." I think she felt a little embarrassed but sadly that was the least awkward mistaking for Allee of the night. Once dinner was over we went into the club part and I was standing with my friend Erin and this dude came up to me and said "Heyyy!" and went for a hug. I had NO idea who this person was so I kinda stepped back and said "Do I know you? " and he got a look on his face like....DUHHHH! and said "Are you joking?"...and kinda chuckled. I am not a super touchy person so I really didn't want to give this random dude a hug. He then said in a mocking tone, "Is your name Allee Fleming?" and I came back with a serious tone "No its not." Then he looked totally embarrassed and I said "That is my little sister."
Part of me see's how Allee and I look alike, but part of me doesn't. She is a lot shorter than I am and has a very petite build. (Not that I mind being mistaken for someone who is almost 8 years younger than myself, and a lot smaller....Its like every girls dream. haha ) I just don't see how we get mistaken for each other to that extent. There was another one of Jeremy's friends who I have met before and I can almost guarantee Allee has too.....and it just dawned on him last night that there were two of us.

I have a few highlights from the night as well. I find people absolutely fascinating in clubs. Its such a weird display of human behavior. No where else can you be and have some random dude try and rub up on you and call it "dancing". No you are not fooling anyone and ladies why has this become acceptable? If I was standing at the grocery store and a random dude rubbed up on me and called it grocery shopping would I find that acceptable behavior? No I would not.

One of my favorite moments were the dude's. My first hit on of the night (for some reason I was on fire that night or something because man, had to beat them off with a stick.....hehehe) was this guy who I have lovingly nicknamed Hot Dog Neck. I can give him a semi-mean nickname because he had no game. I was hanging with Erin and a waitress came up to me and said a guy at the table over there wants to buy you a drink, but there is a catch. You have to go over there and talk to him. I didnt even look in the direction she was pointing for two reasons 1) If someone is having the guts to hit on you, but then undoing all they have done by having a waitress make the first move, Guys grow a set and talk to a girl yourself! and b) I will never pick up a guy at a club ever. Gross. I did later sneak a peek and the spineless dude hitting on me and all I could see was a shaved head and what looked like a package of hot dogs on the back of his neck and head. So when she said "he is over there at the table" I said "well I dont drink so he cant buy me a drink." Crisis averted right? Not quite....

There was also this dude who kept asking me to dance even after being rejected multiple times. I, in no way, would like to dance with you dude....stop asking. I'm not drinking so I wont forget you asked me ten minutes ago.

Erin and I had some amazing moves and tried to do some butt poppin (yeah I am doesn't happen) and then we did any old dance moves or dorky moves we could think of (think the twist and what you automatically think of when you dance to Jitterbug by Wham. Oh and on a few rap songs I got a little thuggy. All of this I would try and pretend I could pull it off...but by the end I would start giggling.

So back to Hot Dog Neck. He kept lurking around and even went and danced with some chick but he was looking over at me. Seriously there is no way you are making me jealous so don't think that is gonna work. Finally at the very end of the night he came up to me and Whitney and was dancing by us. This is where the other guy, the one who wouldn't get a hint that I didnt want to talk to him actually kind of saved me. He came up while Hot Dog Neck was still trying to get the balls to talk to me and again asked me to dance with him. I had to reject again and get a little more firm and mean like a badger so maybe this would be the last time.

So what this boils down to: I had super fun, got hit on (always a good little boost) and I got to be sassy to lame guys. Excellent birthday for my Jeremy!